Tyres' Insurance

Completely secure with the giga-tyres.ie tyre insurance!

Tyre damages are annoying – and unfortunately one of the most common causes of breakdowns.

Exclusively for you, giga-tyres.ie offers comprehensive insurance protection for your tyres. Quick and straight-forward. Simply add the selection “tyre insurance” to your orders when buying summer, winter or all-season tyres.

In case of tyre damage through nails, shards, kerbstones or other pointy objects, as well as damages through vandalism, we will replace your tyre with a new one. You will also receive a new tyre if your current one bursts without any recognisable cause. The replacement will be done via the proven giga-tyres.ie service, with immediate delivery directly to a service partner of your choice.

Use your chance when buying your new tyres and take out the tyre insurance. This opportunity is only available when ordering directly from giga-reifen.de. For your safety – with no ifs or buts. For more information (general policy conditions and product information sheet), click here.

The giga-tyres.ie tyre insurance – because we value your safety.

Simple and quick claims settlement:

In the case of a dispute, the original German terms and conditions apply.
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