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Total QUARTZ 9000 ENERGY 5W-40

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€ 6.90  per liter
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€ 6.90
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€ 12.68  per liter
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€ 12.68
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€ 4.84  per liter
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€ 6.45  per liter
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€ 32.27
Total Quartz 9000 ENERGY 5W-40 – High-Performance Motor Oils for Otto and Diesel Car Engines

ATTENTION: Please note the differences between the presentation of the QUARTZ and QUARTZ Energy series – ENERGY oils do not have a PSA certification printed on!

  • QUARTZ 9000 ENERGY was developed on the basis of TOTAL-Synthesis technology, for (among other things) an athletic driving style during any driving conditions (short and long drives, highways).

  • QUARTZ 9000 ENERGY is suitable for a year-round usage even at the lowest temperatures.

  • QUARTZ 9000 ENERGY allows for the most extended ESIs (extended service intervals).
  • Excellent flowability at low temperatures ensures a safe cold cranking, with the lowest possible wear on moving parts.

  • Extremely stable lubricant coating even at high temperatures.

  • The excellent cleaning properties allow particularly extended ESIs (extended service intervals).

Specifications & Approvals:

  • ACEA A3/B4


  • VW 501.01/502.00/505.00

  • MB 229.1/229.3/229.5

  • BMW Longlife-01/Longlife-98

  • Porsche A40

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