Mofin Kühlerfrostschutz M11 blau

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MOFIN radiator antifreeze M11 – suitable for vehicles requiring a cooling agent according to specification G11.
  • Long-term radiator protection
  • Premium full concentrate
  • Cold protection mixture 50 : 50 -38°C
  • Nitrite, amine and phosphate free
  • Colour: blue
  • Especially advisable
  • British Standard BS 6580 (UK), ASTM D3306 (USA), O-Norm V 5123 (Austria), JIS K 2234 (Japan), UNE 26-361 (Spain), CUNA NC 956-16 (Italy), AFNOR NF R15-601 (France)  

MOFIN radiator antifreeze is an antifreeze and corrosion protection concentrate based on ethylene glycol, to be used in engines with and without aluminium alloy.

MOFIN radiator antifreeze uses a high grade silicate stabiliser technology.

MOFIN radiator antifreeze is an antifreeze concentrate which can be mixed with normal tap water hassle-free.  

MOFIN radiator antifreeze exceeds the requirements of most European and international standards: ASTM D 3306 (USA), BS 6580 (GB), O Norm V 5123 (Austria), JIS K 2234 (Japan), CUNA NC 956-16 (Italy), AFNOR R15-601 (France), SAE J1034, UNE 25-361 (Spain) The following standards are met: ASTM D 4985, ASTM D 3306, ASTM D 2570, ASTM D 2809, specifications according to MAN 324NF, MB sheet 325.0

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