High Performer 5W-30 SAPS C2 Peugeot+Citroen

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Low-viscosity oil, Particulate filter, Universal
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High Performer 5W-30 (Peugeot + Citroen) C2 SAPS for particulate filters, a universal, fuel saving motor oil for modern petrol and diesel car engines with extended oil change intervals. Excellently suitable for vehicles with three-way catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters.

This fuel economic motor oil is great for modern petrol and diesel engines with or without turbo-chargers in cars and transporters with extended oil change intervals.


  • API: SM / CF
  • ACEA: A1/B1; A5/B5; C2 (low - SAPS motor oil)
  • Peugeot
  • Citroen a.o.

High Performer 5W-30 C2 SAPS is a universal low-viscosity, multi-category motor oil made from special base oils. Carefully selected, highly efficient additives give these high-performance motor oils the following extraordinary properties:

  • fuel economy for part and full loads
  • great cold cranking properties
  • a safe lubricating sheen
  • extended oil change intervals
  • great detergent and dispersant properties
  • great protection from wear, corrosion and foam formation

Safety Advice GHS

Risk Phrases:
H412: Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects

Safety Advice:
P103: Read label before use.
P273: Avoid release to the environment.
P501: Dispose of contents/container to ...

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