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High Performer 5W-40 PDI Diesel

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Engine oil
Fields of Operation
Car, Heavy commercial vehicles
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€ 8.09  per liter
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€ 8.09
1 Litre Can
€ 17.00  per liter
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€ 17.00
5 Litre Can
€ 5.53  per liter
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€ 27.63
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€ 8.02  per liter
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€ 40.09
20 Litre Canister
€ 4.82  per liter
Minimum purchase: 1
€ 96.41

High Performer 5W-40 synthetic for unit injectors (PDI). A new, highly alloyed, synthetic low-viscosity multi-purpose motor oil, specially developed for UI diesel engines in cars and transporters.

A low-viscosity motor oil specially developed for unit injector diesel engines which fulfils Volkswagen's newest requirements (VW 505.01).

Now also with ACEA C3 specification and approval for diesel cars with particulate filters.



  • ACEA A3/B4/C3

    Approved under a different name for:

  • BMW Longlife 04

  • MB 229.51

  • FordM2C-917-A

  • VW 502.00/505.00/505.01

    Carefully selected, highly efficient additives give this high-performance motor oil the following properties:

  • fuel economy with both part and full loads

  • very stable and excellent viscosity behaviour and a very good shear stability

  • good cold cranking properties

  • very good cold start properties

  • a safe lubricating sheen at very high temperatures

  • great detergent and dispersant properties

  • far-reaching protection from wear, corrosion and sludge formation

  • excellently suitable for use for many of the newest OEM requirements.

Safety Advice GHS


Signal word:

Risk Phrases:
H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction

Safety Advice:
P101: If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand.
P102: Keep out of reach of children.
P261: Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray.
P280: Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.
P352: Wash with plenty of water/...
P333: If skin irritation or rash occurs:
P313: Get medical advice/attention.
P362: Take off contaminated clothing.
P364: And wash it before reuse.
P501: Dispose of contents/container to ...

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