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Please note: Prices apply to tires without rim. Depending on the tire dimension, the tread pattern may vary.


Mitas E08

130/80-18 TT 72T M+S marking, M/C
Tyre size
130/80-18 TT 72T M+S marking, M/C 
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Speed Index
T: Approved  up to 190 km/h
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at the moment, this product is not in stock
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E08 tyre review

Average based on 72 test results
Grip in dry conditions
Braking in dry conditions
Grip in wet conditions
Braking in wet conditions
Grip in snow
Driving comfort
Internal noise level
Tyre wear
Fuel consumption
Kilometers driven 3,204

26.12.2021 from Robert Clohesy
These were a nice change from my previous e07+, more suited to the amount of long road journeys I take. They handle much nicer than the e07+ in cornering, but they don't actually grip as well as the e07+ in the wet and cold. I had tcs activated and nasty squirms that I never got with e07+. They also were quickly overwhelmed in mud but my experience riding on the road in good weather was always excellent, and these tyres didn't seem to need a precise psi, they were very good even if the pressure ran low. Very good value but oddly less sure footed than its 50/50 cousin. I might not buy these again, but I will definitely be buying Mitas.

07.12.2020 from Robin
My riding experience was good with no problems.

26.11.2019 from Wayne
In the dry they are fine and ride quite well for the price of them. They wear well so you can get quite a few miles out of them. but in the wet you best have your whits about you as they turn in to something else. The rear never seems to have traction breaking away on the slightest of throttle inputs and the front wheel constantly feels vague so you never know that grip you have. So if you ride mostly in the dry then crack on but if your out all weathers I would consider something else.

22.08.2019 from Alex B
I rate this tyre very highly. The material is very hard and the tyre itself is very stiff. It's surprisinglyg good off road too. Much better than the pirelli scorpion trail MT 90 i had before. Very good value for money.

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