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Please note: Prices apply to tires without rim. Depending on the tire dimension, the tread pattern may vary.


Firestone Maxi Traction

600/65 R30 155D TL Dual Branding 152E

Firestone - Bridgestone's secondary brand, high performance products in the mid price range

Tyre size
600/65 R30 155D TL Dual Branding 152E 
Stock Level
limited stock
Type of Tyre
GAN All-season tyres
Speed Index
D: Approved  up to 65 km/h
Item No.
List price*   € 2,899.00
€ 2,188.10
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Firestone Maxi Traction
Superior traction and roading for high horsepower tractors

Firestone has launched the new Maxi Traction tyre for tractors over 180 hp, replacing the existing RATDT (Radial All Traction Deep Tread) range with an expanded size line-up. The new tyre has been specially developed in Western Europe to provide High Horse Power tractors with superior traction in the field combined with excellent comfort at high speed on the road.

For many years, farm structure in Europe has been moving progressively towards larger field spreads covering wider areas. To optimise production, farmers have been forced to maximise usage of their equipment and demand higher work output in the least possible time. Tractors today provide up to 500 HP at speeds of up to 65 km/hour.

Unique combination of benefits

In 2001, Bridgestone started developing a new generation of Firestone tyres with advanced technology, to meet this demand for a higher work rate. The Maxi Traction tyre, manufactured at the Puente San Miguel plant in Spain, now provides High Horse Power tractors with a unique combination of superior field traction, excellent roading at high speed, reduced soil compaction and a full severe-service line-up. No competitor’s tyre can offer this range of benefits.

Stronger traction with new lug design

With lugs that are10% higher than Firestone’s major competitors and a tread pattern 5% wider, Maxi Traction produces stronger field traction. The “dual angle” technology – with the leading lug edge at a higher angle than the trailing edge – gives Maxi Traction superior performance to the RATDT. Soil compaction is reduced too, due to the wider, flatter tread footprint which spreads the weight over a larger area.

Speed and comfort on the road

On the road, Maxi Traction gives a remarkably smooth and comfortable ride even at high speeds. Thanks to a 5% larger contact area than the RATDT, bouncing and vibration are eliminated.

With the higher pressure permitted in these severe-service applications, Maxi Traction offers the same load-carrying capacity as competitors at 40 and 50 km/h.

The European launch is supported by high-impact material at points of sale, featuring a striking visual of wild horses that positions the tyre “for high horsepower tractors”. Selected dealers in Firestone’s AGRI POINT distribution network also receive a Maxi Traction tyre display, an eye-catching “totem”, dealer brochures and end-user sheets illustrating the technical benefits.
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