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Don’t save on your safety

What to ask when buying new tyres?

Tyre industry says that while price is important, buying a budget brand or a partly worn tyre can prove to be more expensive in the long run. Also, it may not have that extra grip needed in the wet weather.

Before you start your search for new set of tyres, ask yourself these 5 simple questions:

1. Is it good value? Any of us will immediately think of price and like most things, you get what you pay for. As with buying a car, all brands will range in price and you can still be safe in the knowledge that you are buying a product that is fit for purpose and has good value for your money. The same applies with tyres.

    2. Is it good quality? A good tyre might cost 10 Euros extra, but should last for 30.000 kilometres. A poor quality tyre might save you those 10 Euros on the initial cost, but only last 10.000 kilometres, give or take, before you replace it.

    3. How noisy is it? Many people have long daily commutes and the constant drum of loud tyres can become very frustrating and become distracting for the driver and occupants. Always check the EU lable.

    4. Is it good on fuel? Poor quality tyres cause more friction and resistance on road surfaces. Because of that the car’s engine has to work harder to cover the same distance. An engine working harder consumes more fuel which means more visits to the petrol station for you!

    5. Will it stop when I need to? Stopping distance is greatly increased in lesser quality tyres, even if those same tyres have the required thread depth. We have all experienced the need to break suddenly while driving. A good tyre will bring confidence and ensure you stop when you need to.

    So now you know the top five questions to ask next time you need a new tyre. When the time comes for you to get new tyres and begin shopping around, a good place to start is Giga-tyres.co.uk.